I’m Katherine. It’s nice to meet you! I am a California based portrait and wedding photographer who loves working with fun, laidback couples who dream of mountains and adventures.



Saying your vows in your favorite place, whether that’s a meadow in the Sierras or that special spot on the lake. A wild and free landscape is the perfect backdrop for a love as adventurous as yours.

The location is part of the story, but the day is about the people, whether that’s just you and your fiancé or all three hundred of your friends and family. You’re there to celebrate with them.

Natural but detailed touches like a bouquet made of your favorite wildflowers or the lace from your grandmother’s veil.


I will be your eyes on your wedding day. I take time to capture the details of your dress, rings, the bouquets. I’ll be the one that takes the photo of your mom and sisters helping you get ready. That look he gives you when he sees you for the first time? I will make sure you can see it forever. The laughs on the dance floor as your best friend is getting down? All yours to remember in a photo.

My style blends a photojournalistic approach with an editorial look. I will help direct the session, but promise not to force you into awkward poses. Those important moments on your wedding day will be captured seamlessly and unobtrusively.


When I was little, family vacations usually consisted of camping trips, and my parents would give me a disposable camera at the beginning of the trip. (Remember those!?) I would fill it up with pictures of trees and deer and wildflowers. The photos would come back from being developed, and I would spread them all out on my bedroom floor and carefully pick which ones were my favorites. After high school, I attended the Institute of Photographic Studies and realized I also loved photographing people. Being able to blend a landscape and wedding photography together is a dream come true.

If I have a free Saturday, you can find me meeting up with friends for a coffee date (send all your favorite coffee shop recommendations my way! I’m always down to try a new one.) or planning the next road trip I’m dreaming of. I may or may not have a Pinterest board or two dedicated to those future road trips.

What Clients Are Saying...

“Katherine was fantastic. She was very patient when our plans didn't work out as expected. Her photography/posing style is very natural and she was open to whatever we suggested. I highly recommend her.” - Gerry and Judy

What Clients Are Saying...

“Katherine is great at making sure her clients are highly satisfied by listening and implementing their ideas, while stamping each photograph with her own wonderfully unique style.” - Alisa

What Clients Are Saying...

“Katherine has a lot of experience and training that shows in her photos. She took pictures of my 3-year-old and had a lot of patience with him. We loved how they turned out! Her experience with outdoor photography was evident as she seamlessly blended his portraits with the outdoor elements. Both were able to shine. Would definitely use Katherine again!” - Nikki




Let's talk! You can email me at [email protected]
or call or text me (I feel you fellow introverts!)
at 951-743-7090.